Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Top Ten List for Eva

Top Ten Reasons I love Evangeline Malia

  1. You know how to do the cricket “nee-nee” sound with me and Emma

    9. You can read a whole book in a day

    8 You can find ducks when no one else can after searching forever.

    7. You can type better than I can, because you type with your fingers in the right place.

    6. You remember things that other people don't remember

    5. You are really good at cursive.

    4. You can fold your clothes and organize them in your drawer amazingly well.

    3. You come up with really cool and fun games to play with isaac and levi.

    2. you are good at playing yahtzee.

  1. You have a beautiful smile and a kind and giving heart!

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