Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Top Ten List for Levi

    Top Ten Reasons I love Levi Gabriel

    10. You know how to catch chickens and ducks really well.

    9. You are not afraid of bugs and worms and you can catch them.

    8. You can make the letter L really well.

    7. You can jump really far on the stairs.

    6. You are really good at folding washcloths.

    5. You are really good at doing your job of putting away silverware.

    4. You know how to make things work, and not work. Like you can turn off the electric fence and you can open the garage door.

    3. You can catch pearl.

    2. You give the best Levi Hugs ever.

    1. You say “mom, I love you” all the time.

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