Friday, September 21, 2007

Fall poem

Today I had the kids write a poem about fall. first i read them poems by other children their ages, then read "To Autumn" by Keats. Quite a contrast, but I wanted them to see the huge differences allowed in the realm of poetry.

Of course I had to write a poem too....
You have to keep in mind I was thinking of our homestead...the fall leaves, the dying tomato vines, the goats needing to be sheared, the ripe pumpkins, the muddy hill etc.


the crumpled leaf
and withered vine
full grown fleece
and shearing time

with ruddy cheek
and apple sweet
big baskets filled
and pumpkin meat

in squishy mud
and boots to wear
scarves hand-knit
and longer hair

we greet the season
long and dim
think of these things
grateful for them

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