Sunday, January 6, 2008

Christmas knitting projects

Here are four hats I made for four of the cutest kiddos I know. (beside my own kids of course!) Don;t Eva and Isaac look so cat-in-the-hat-ish???

The ones with ears are a "bear hat" and a "Shrek hat." They were for my friend Josie's twin babies who are 8 or 9 months old. I do think the bear hat looks more like a chipmunk hat, though. I thought the bear hat was perfect for the boy who got it, because his name is Barrett! And the Shrek hat is perfect for Liam, the boy who got it, because it is green and his name is Irish and also he's got a cute personality that goes along with Shrek. No, he is not an ogre. he is very adorable. He is just spunky!
The other two hats are for their older sister and brother. The pink hat came with a fun blue scarf, and Sienna went "ooooohhhhh!" when she opened it. That's just the reaction that's fun to get when someone opens a gift!

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