Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dreams are what life's really all about!

They say that you work through the problems of your day in your dreams. I love pregnancy because it's the one time in my life when I actually remember my dreams. This is mainly because 3 times nightly, my slumber is interrupted for potty breaks. The last three nights, I have had dreams too vivid and funny not to record somewhere, so you my loyal blog site, will be their permanent record.
Nightmares and their aftermath had left me dragging through each day for a whole week. Normally I am blissfully unaware of what happens in my REM sleep, but, I'm pregnant. I would wake to go and pee, and go to sleep, only to continue with my dreams playing out all of my fears. At 2:30 one morning I woke for that night's second pee stop with my heart racing, and I couldn't stand it any more. My latest dream was the first to include the baby we are expecting. Brandon and I walked with all of our children along and endless coast somewhere in Hawaii. Brandon held a sweet little white bundle of a baby. We walked past seeing pool after pool, ending up at a sandy beach. Soon, waves started to rise, growing larger every second. Having grown up swimming in the ocean, I knew that in order to avoid being pounded into the sand, you needed to dive under them. I yelled unheard instructions to the family, and soon everyone was covered by the waves. Somehow, everyone survived the onslaught, and I woke up breathless. I decided to read my bible so that I wouldn't have the memory of that dream in my mind. It comforted me, but I knew I had to do something to stop these dreams so that I could rest. Prayer always works for me when I'm desperate, so I prayed for angels to be around our home, and for God to protect my dreams, so that I could rest and the enemy would leave us alone. I was desperate to sleep soundly.
My prayers were answered! When I awoke for my 3rd pee at 5:30AM the next day, I remembered being in Germany in my dream. I was there with my whole family to get a hearing or vision test. It was very frustrating to be wasting vacation time doing this, and I was sad realize we'd be heading home to the US without having seen anything. The German nurse gave me a cursory examination and ignored the rest of my family. We were done. Then I looked at my newborn, and realized that it was a boy! I had been told i was having a girl. This was very upsetting news, because i had sewn all pink cloth diapers for the baby. Not only was he a boy, but he had full sized adult teeth that looked like his dad's! I reassured myself that some babies are born with teeth, they disappear and then come back later when it's more appropriate. I also was calling him Liam, because he looked exactly like my friend's son. I could not for the life of me remember what we had named him. I drove with my family to the airport a very perturbed person.
The next night was the same way. I was in a hospital waiting for my husband, who was having a caesarean section because he had carried our baby in his belly. I asked the nurse how that works, since men don't have a uterus. She said, " Oh, it's fine, the baby just wraps around their heart." That was a strange and dangerous sounding situation, but I didn't argue with her. I walked into the recovery room to hear my husband discussing the reason for his C-Section. He didn't want to go through labor because of his anxiety, so he had opted for a simpler solution. I walked into the next room, where our baby lay in an isolette, all cute and lonely. A doctor sat in the corner. I noticed a tell tale shape in my baby's eyes, and commented to the doctor, He's a Down Syndrome baby, isn't he? His eyes are different, and his genitals are different...that's why he looked like a girl on the ultrasound! (where this idea came from, I don't know) The doctor praised my good eye, and I happily snuggled my baby. I wondered if he would respond to infant potty training, as did babies without the struggle of Downs. Happily, when I held him over the potty there and made the "pssss" sound, he peed, then pooped out all of his meconium. A nearby nurse was very impressed.
I am thankful that my dreams have developed into ones that deal with my fears in a humorous way. It's a lot easier way to wake up, and I've had so much more energy. My continuous prayer now, is "God, protect my dreams!"

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