Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Baby Maia Jo

Baby Maia made her debut on Saturday, August 30. This was quite appropriate, as it was labor day weekend, and her two big brothers were born on the 30th of November and June, and her daddy and I were married on May 30th!
Here's the text to her announcement email. . . .

> Subject: Baby Maia has arrived!
> Hi Friends and Family!
> The newest member of the Donnelson Family has just arrived! Maia Jo is her name. Maia means "mother" or "great one." Jo is my mom's middle name, and comes from the name Josephine, meaning God Shall Increase. We figure this is appropriate since she makes baby number five, making the female contingent win the tie breaker in our household. She is beautiful, and was our first born at home. She was born 4 days early, and is the littlest of all of our babies at 6 lbs 13 oz. She is 19.5 inches long and has Brandon's nose and light brown hair. A photo is attached from today, at 2 days old. Her life in the womb, her birth and her new little life are all miracles covered in prayer the whole way. Everything has gone really well so far and we would love all your continued prayers. She was born Saturday, August 30 at 7:45 pm after a long day of very early labor. The labor finally kicked over into active labor in the hour or 2 before she was born. Needless to say, after working all day to keep labor going and not much happen I was surprised to hear "You're going to have a baby today!" And indeed we do! We will post more photos on my blog listed below when the dust settles a little, so check in now and again!
> Love,
> Angie, writing for the Donnelsons who include
> Brandon, Eva, Isaac, Levi, Saraiah and now Maia!

The picture below is of Eva and Isaac in La Conner, where we went the day before Maia was born. We showed great Grandpa Don and his wonderful wife Fran around. What a wonderful thing that they got to be here and see baby Maia too. They had driven out so they could see my dad while mom and dad are here visiting.

This is me walking on one of the 3 long walks I went on with my labor "entourage." I'm smiling, so you can see labor was still very early. We could only get contractions to stay while walking. My best friends Josie and Wendy were there. Josie was my doula, Wendy was there as a coach too, as well as my mom, my wonderful sister in law, Emma and of course Eva, our oldest daughter. Eva and mom were the time keepers, keeping track of the length and frequency of contractions.

The next photo is of Maia's great grandpa Don Kirk and Fran, his lovely wife.

Levi is a big brother one more time!
He noticed "maia has red teeth!" Then we got to explain that babies are born without teeth, and grow them when they need them.

Dad holds both the little girls.

The next few pictures are of Maia's first day. There's me with her and big sis Eva.

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