Friday, August 15, 2008

Pygora Yarn, cloth diapers, baby booties and baby blanket!

Here's my first skein/hank whatever you call it, of 2 ply pygora yarn. I have made balls of yarn and knitted them, but this is the first skein. I had to make the ball into this skein to enter it in the fair. I got 2nd place, because there wasn't enough twist, but I thought it was pretty cool to get that for the first skein I've made. It took all year for me to make on my turkish drop spindle while I waited for the kids during their classes at their homeschool resource school. I didn't work on it everytime, so it took forever! Now i hope I can get it back into a ball so I can use it for knitting. It's supposed to make a hat for eva, but it's a little scratchy!

This is the first set of cloth diapers I made for baby maia. They are the poquito pants home sewing pattern, the first thing I have ever sewn on my own with a pattern!

These are the wet felted baby booties I made for maia. They are very light! I needle felted the blue design on them.

This is the baby blanket I made for maia from an old chenille blanket that had been used by someone as a painting drop cloth, and from an soft blanky Josie's daughter used.

Goat hair dyeing

Here's some goat hair we dyed with jacquard acid dyes. First you see the freshly picked, cleaned and washed pygora fiber. Then you see it dyed in all its glory!

Pregnant photo shoot pics

Josie, my friend, cousin, sister, took these photos, and I edited them in picasa. She actually took the last pics that are black and white with the yellow flower exactly like that, because she can grab colors with her camera! cool!

some of the latest creations...

A needle felted apple, a princess hat and tie dyed cloth diapers! The kids helped a lot with the diapers. We did it at a 4H meeting.