Saturday, December 27, 2008

My mom is a genius

Mom wrote this for matt's birthday this year. it is a set of instructions written to emulate the directions written in choppy english for other products manufactured in foreign lands.

For matt 12/7/08


With carefulness, open the candle packaging, so as to not break the candles shattering.

Also with carefully, open the cookies, hoping they will not be break having been travelled halfway around the world.

Place cookies on a plate or other surface.

Insert any number of candles in any number of cookies.

Use match to light candles.

Surrounding people to sing Happy Birthday.

Recipient to close eye, make wish, and blow candles.

All to eat cookies.

Remove candles prior.

© 2008 S2J* S2*@*#@

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Maia's In-Stocking Photo Shoot

An Ode To Grey Boy, the beloved and late Kirk family cat

An Ode to Grey Boy

First foundling, then friend
You grew to be ohana.
First runt and then sumocat
You were born to please Mama.
You took running starts
For your leaps to mom's bed.
The best spot to sleep
Was not near her head.
You played fetch with a foil ball.
You also were tripped over
When we walked down the hall.
When food was served
You were never unnerved.
When food overflowed from your dish
We could tell it fulfilled your every wish.
You begged for added food
so the boys gave you more.
I'm not sure you ever
could have fit through a cat door.
Our lives are so different now
That you have passed.
We will always remember you
the cat who left last.