Thursday, May 12, 2011

Graffiti at Our House

Instead of constantly fighting the graffiti that is inevitable with a house of five children, I've decided to document it instead.  Below are some of my current  favorites.  I may be painting my walls and doors this summer, so I need to remember these.  Some may just have to be painted around because they are too precious.  

This little gal is affectionately known as "baleen girl," so called because Eva's the one who discovered her, saying, "That girl has baleen!"  This is the art of our 5 year old.

This is on the door of our 4 year old's room.  

Hold 'em up!  Made by our 10 year old.

Next to our 7 year old's bed.  He sometimes has bad dreams.

Drawing plants

Height Chart

Fingerprints on the Wall

Harold and the Purple Crayon Style

Princess girl.

Dagger in the boys' room.

Code language from the son of a computer programmer.

Polluck style window art.


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