Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Nacher" Book

When I was a new mom of my fifth child, I spoke with another mom of many.  I was concerned that I wouldn't have enough time for each of my children, though I loved them each so fully and entirely.  She had six of her own.  What she told me has been something I look for and cling to in my children's lives.  She told me something like this.  When you have many children, you get to see other people be great teachers to your children, because you simply can't be everything to them.

My little girl ate the ferns!  One lesson she maybe shouldn't have learned.  Not sure if these were the fiddleheads you can eat!  She was impressed that I knew what the name for "ivy" is.  They couldn't figure it out.

When I see the moments that this happens, I am so thankful that we have many children, because out of necessity they have many influences, and therefore such rich lives.  Today at school, I got to witness other children being this to my 5 year old.  One older girl took her all over the campus to find all sorts of plants, and helped them catalog them and label them in a book.  This is something I've always intended to do with her, but never done.  They even took care to tape over the spikes on the holly leaves, so that we wouldn't hurt our hands.  An hour later, I witnessed a different older girl encouraging my five year old again, teaching her to draw eyes on princesses.  There are countless ways I see this daily, but these were the ones that stood out to me today.  Enjoy these photos of the sweet "Nacher Book."

Don't tell anyone that they picked the pretty pansies!


More Princesses!

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