Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bees, Spiders and Other Bugs

Since I haven't posted any of my bug photos besides the creepy caterpillars, here are some of my favorites. You may click on any image to view it a little larger, and see all the fun details.


Fly in the morning dew

On a blackberry plant

Someone caught some dinner

Mosquito type bug in the woods

Fly close up on the hollyhocks I think

Fly on the Chamomile

Spider got a fly

Spider on a fern

Baby spider making his first web on a hydrangea



Baby spiders on fern

Baby spiders looking like a flower

Bee on Poppy

Spider on Lupine

Moth in the puddle

Spider and baby blackberries

Fly and blackberry flowers?

Is this a Cynipid wasp?  I was taking photos of rose galls on this wild rose plant, and I know wasps make them.

Baby Spiders

Beetle in Grass

Ant and Lilac

Bee and Wild Blackberry

Ant and Buttercup

Bee and Daisy


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