Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Being the Reflector

A few days ago, I helped my dear friend at an engagement photo shoot.  She had asked me to help her with reflector holding and close up photos at the wedding, so I came along to meet the couple.  Roy and Shawna are such a fun couple.  They were always making little under the breath comments that were hilarious.  I'm amazed they weren't doubled over in fits of laughter the entire time.  I didn't get very many photos because I wanted to be available to do my job, but I slipped some in.  You just can't resist when the couple is so cute!  It made me remember how much fun it was to be engaged with a wedding just a few months away.  


Hooray for love!

Gotta have the heel-popping kiss.

I had a mega long lens on the camera, so I ended up doing lots of feet shots!

Did we catch a secret moment?

Such a beautiful couple!

Gotta practice for "you may kiss the bride!"

getting ready for the sunset shots...

sweet embrace

Because picnic tables are always romantic....
Resting our feet for a while

earlier in the woods...

it's a wrap!
good night.


  1. Yeah for the walking away ones!! I kept wondering if I should move out of the way, but you kept me perfectly out of the way! Love the pictures you got. Love that you caught ones I missed!!! So glad we're partners in this crime!


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