Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cama Beach and Human Relations

Barnacles at Cama Beach!

The path to the beach
It was one of those days where nothing you try to do works as it should.  As I cleaned the closet, the little ones un-cleaned the dining room.  You have no idea how difficult is to remove chia seeds and oatmeal from a table and floor once moistened.   After about 2 hours of delays, and hard work to get the house in order, we were ready to head out.  With the weather having her own identity crisis, we couldn't decide for sure where we'd go until we were slightly sure there might be more sun towards the Sound.  It's a strange summer.  My 12 year old and I can't decide what month it could be likened to.  It is July, but we have the warmth of a Pacific Northwest June, and the rain of an April.  Maybe it needs to be called Jun-ap-ly.  The The rain finally ceased its dumping and the sun broke through the clouds, seeming to beckon us out.

Some pretty fluffy white flower


All wrapped up

It was then that I knew Cama Beach was the place we should go.  We camped there last summer with the school, and the kids absolutely loved it.  The drive is gorgeous, and the whole way out there, dad and I were saying what my grandma Kirk used to say on every drive, "Well, would you look at that!"  (in slightly different words.)  My sunglasses were polarized, so i was having a slightly psychadelic experience, and was pointing out things that, when the sunglasses were lifted, were mostly normal and not remarkable at all.  But it didn't matter, it was a pretty day.  The clouds were puffy and blue patches shone through, quite a change from the standard blanket of grayish white we endure for most of the year.  If you've never been to Cama Beach and live near Snohomish County in Washington, it's a beautiful place to be.  It began as a fishing resort in the 1930s, and is now a state park, and home to an organization dedicated to teaching kids and the community about wooden boats.  Very cool. 

Guess who poses the most for mom!

Wow clouds!

The Jesus sandals

We arrived, and had to pay to park.  It's a $10 fee for a day pass now.  Yikes!  I guess that has to come out of my "miscellaneous" fund.  My husband and I were thinking we should see if we can find the data showing park usage before and after the rate increase.  It would be interesting to see if revenue even went up when they excluded more people with this high price.  I would recommend getting the $30 annual state park pass they sell if you go to state parks often.   We waited 20 minutes for the employee there to figure out how to issue a day pass. This is another reason to get the annual pass.  I told my kids that maybe the next person the employee was going to serve was less patient than me, and maybe I was sparing her that person's rage, by allowing her learning curve to be used on me.  There was a very adorable boy who went running over to our car, ready to greet Saraiah with all gusto, when his mom told him she was indeed not who he thought she was.  I guess when you're five, all little girls kind of look alike. 

Can't resist this little face


Sums up the day

We parked and walked down to the beach, immediately finding the swings, and then some other little children.  A little boy came up to us as Saraiah begged for help to get down from the wall she was walking on.  He told her that she could indeed jump off the wall by wasn't too high, and while he went about his business of policing, Maia walked up.  In all the innocence and sweetness of a 2 year old, she pointed at his shirt with pigs on it, and said "nice" and gave him a hug.  His father spoke up from the background, saying "now isn't that the key to human relations?"  It's true.  What if people who were fighting would just stop, take a look for something interesting about their opponent, complement it, and then give them a big old hug.  The world could be a pretty happy place.  

horseshoes with preschoolers.  good times.

American sport, shoes made in China!

Someone collected only the connecter parts of the shells of bivalves

Saratoga Passage. The little black speck in the middle is not a U-Boat, it is "Baby" island.  Really.

Finally, a decent bumblebee photo

The tide was a little ways out, so we sat on the beach, then skipped stones and shells, and marveled at the clouds.  There was a horseshoe pit, and the girls tried their hand at it, When you are two, you can throw the shoe 6 inches.  When you are 5, you can throw it 2 feet, and you must also pop your foot in the air as you toss.  After a little more walking, some inquiries to some workers about the "boat" we saw that was actually an island named "Baby" and some flower identification, we headed back.  It was time for some cheap ice creams and a walk up the hill toward home.   It was a beautiful afternoon. 

Sponge Bob no-eyes


Horsetail without the taily part?

Sheer High Fructose Corn Syrup Rapture

Walking back 

The cabins you could stay in.
Back at Home:  The chalk welcome mat before our front porch

What happens when you leave your photo editing while working...Saraiah, changed it to blue!  Looks pretty cool at least.

Bella, our neighbor dog.  She has been a large consumer of our time, as she lures Koa  away.  She has also been a blessing, because due to her needing to be shepherded home so often, she got me to talk with our neighbors we barely communicate with.  I have a lot to learn from dogs and toddlers. 


  1. We haven't spent much time at Cama beach but, we do love the Camano Island beaches. Sounds like you had a fun day! How precious Mia is to point at his shirt and then give him a big hug!

  2. 9 days until I get to be a part of your blog in person!

  3. yay!!!!! the bouquet will be complete!

  4. Can't wait to see you!!! (Love this, as usual!)


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