Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Carterpillar Mystery

We found these adorably creepy little tiny caterpillars on the leaf of a willow tree a few days ago.  We were walking along, and I noticed that a leaf had been all eaten up by something, leaving just the veins, and some black outlines where it had been chomped.  We lingered a while while the girls blew the fluff of the willow seeds away on the wind, then Saraiah went to pick the leaf we had noticed.  She was carrying it around for a while when I realized that the little black edges were little black caterpillars, worms or larvae of some sort!  They were hanging on with six legs and munching away.  

Today we walked by again, and our little friends had matured!
So much for that leaf

Nice and plump

Some younger fellows

We will check in with these little guys to find out who they become.  When we were watching the rose galls to see if we could find the wasps that made them, we indeed did.  Hopefully we will be able to meet the next generation of these creatures.  


  1. the caterpillars have disappeared. we think the birds may have had a snack!


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