Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cherry Pie and Ladybugs-- Images of summer

Caterpillar on a pie cherry

It took 10 minutes and 3 people to get this shot!  I was picking cherries with Josie, and one had this little guy on it.  I said that he would make a cool picture, so we went to the front yard got my camera, dropped him many times, and I finally gave up.  Josie's daughter stuck at it and finally got him to stay on the cherry.  And thus was born this shot!  In the midst of the intense organizing and problem solving of Vacation Bible School, it was good to get out and do some photos!  Hmm, i guess I was taking photos all day at VBS, but that was in between all my jobs there.  Also, kids usually move a lot, while plants and ladybugs move less.  Caterpillars are a different story, because some, like this one, have silk, and can drop at a moment's notice!

The dedicated caterpillar poser.

Puppy luna WANTS some.

Like a bowl full of cherries....
Those cherries made a very delicious cherry pie that I am currently digesting.  Mmmmm!

Here's Koa looking forlorn, trapped on the front porch of my dad's house with us inside.  His missing leg still surprises me sometimes.

My parents actually have a beautiful picture outside their picture window.

Ants in the log...


Lily with stamen shadows

Neighbor field

Funny bug

Sweet peas

Ladybug tries to get a leg up

Beef, it's what's for dinner.  But he's so cute!

The grouchy ladybug

Popsicle pose

"Hello, do you like my hat?"  

Trying to find home

Love the natural shellac ladybugs have!

Mr Tripod Koa leads the way home


  1. Angie,
    What a wonderful blessing to observe at VBS on Wednesday. God is answering more prayers than we even know. Not only did the Son show up but the sunshine showed up too. I pray that tomorrow will be another beautiful day of God's divine interventions of the heart but also another sunshiny day. Your photography is absolutely awesome Angie!

  2. Angie the previous post is from me...Rebekah. I can't figure out how to register my name at the top of the post. I included my name as post ID when I registered but it isn't showing up on my posts. Help!

  3. You may need to look at the permissions on your may have it set to not show your name. you may have to fill in a spot for a screen name...

  4. ok, rebekah, i changed the permissions so anyone can comment, i just have to approve it later.


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