Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Forest Park

View of the Playground and Grassy Area

Relaxing in the sun

Summer feet
If you live anywhere near Forest Park in Snohomish County in Everett, Washington, you definitely need to visit!  We met up with my oldest friend, Jeanette, there.  I first met her in 6th grade in Hawaii, and now she lives close by in Seattle!   

Finding Flowers in the Shade
Forest Park is a beautiful park, whether you have children or not. Near the playground there's an expanse of grass, in case you get a little agoraphobic, or you just want an open area to enjoy a picnic or let your children run.  

Some birthday cupcakes from Jeanette
 There is a huge pool and hot tub where you can swim indoors any time of year for a nominal fee.  There is a massive playground complete with sprinkler park.

Keeping the Water in the Sprinkler!
A petting zoo opens for the summer, complete with baby calves, goats, and even a friendly rooster they'll let you pet. 

Pat the Bunny

See a baby Nubian goat

Baby Bunnies
Baby Chickies

Little Calf
 We visited today and had a wonderful time.  Be sure to visit before the summer is gone!

Mommy love

Some Pig

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