Saturday, July 30, 2011

These Happy Days

When my parents are in town, we pack a half year of hanging out into just a few weeks.  Thus, we are hanging out a lot.  The bonus is, I get to see my brother and his wife lots more.  They live just 20 minutes away, but with all of us and busy lives, it's easy to forget to make time to visit.  Here are some of my favorite shots from the past few days together, just doing things like eating, fake wedding proposals, and going to a local fair.

3 stooges style

think this is strawflower

i'm a josie copycat.  i had to see if i could get a star out of the sun.

I just can't handle fairs....

fly in my back yard.

empty swallow nest

Me want a bunny.  

My 5 year old says it looks like a little butterfly.

I think i read that dandelions are in the sunflower family.  i can see the family resemblance.

lupines in the morning dew

last of the dew

my brother and his baby girl

give me your rembrandt smile, mr bun.

target shoe 

strange leavings from dinner

peek a pooh

gotta have shoyu

the only game i will play

hiding behind starbucks cups is the norm

that's a lot of cup!

OMG!  Danny just proposed! ....NOT.

best parents ever.  

just hangin' around


these people are WEIRD.

family portrait, take 1.

ghost girl.

love daddy

edgy kissing pic

fake android iphone

it takes a girlie girl to make gi joe into a ring.

planted mom's new flower beds

there is no goat who is a match for my awesome daughter.

neighborhood pasture



  1. COPYCAT!!! Love it!!! Favorite was Hiding behind Starbucks cup and I can't handle the fair!


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