Thursday, July 7, 2011

How to Make an Ice Cream Cake REALLY Fast and Chuck E. Cheese Birthdays at Home

Chalk Bundle Favors

Levi turned 8 years old on the 30th of June.  We decided to celebrate with his friends today.  Usually, we have stellar non-Washington weather for his party.  Today, however, Washington wanted to be herself.  We awoke to a misty and enduring drizzle this morning.

Forlorn Balloon

 Water balloons, squirt guns, and lots of friends are always on the ticket, so needless to say I was a little miffed at the weather. Also Levi has been begging me for about 3 years to have a party at Chuck E. Cheese.  As we all know, Chuck E. Cheese, in most parents, induces temporary insanity, which usually subdues once children are safely buckled and the car is pointed toward home.  Anyway, we were able to talk him down from the Chuck E. Cheese plan, by saying we'd have a Chuck E. Cheese party at home.

The presents
It's always movement at our house and some new activity.  Those activities had been taking us away from home this week, so when I awoke this morning, I had 5 hours to finish an ice cream cake, take down the now-wet tent, clean the house, milk the goat, feed the children, wash myself, and complete an at home Chuck E. Cheese.  I have come to understand that I operate too keenly on a deadline.  Levi's Chuck E Cheese birthday games included:

Bubble Tools

*Bubbles:  I guess we could say they are like that nasty bubble stuff you get as a prize and have to blow up with a straw, see my homemade bubble recipe in yesterday's post.  We bought bubble wands at the dollar store.

Isaac is 10.  He got turned 20 times.

*Pin the nose on the clown: My friend bought this at a dollar store.  I guess the clown could be Chuck E. Cheese himself.

Some of the Water Balloons

*Water Balloon Fight:  Maybe this is an enhanced version of ski ball.

Ski Ball

*Ski Ball:  Levi cut holes in an old 4H poster, and he and his friends made a ramp out of books.  We bought wiffle balls at the dollar store.

I just finished throwing a huge water balloon!

Ready to POP!

Even Koa can Play 
The balloon fight is always over in 3 seconds!


We had a big old bowl of candy at each station, and the kids were allowed to get 5 candies in their labeled paper sack from each station.  Of course it ended up being a chaotic, Chuck E. Cheese style free for all, but they all had fun, and went home on an enormous sugar high, with at least one new cavity each.  They also got to take home bundles of sidewalk chalk for when Washington decided it was summer again.

Birthday Boy and the Famous Ice Cream Cake
Cousin Having some See-Food Excitement


I am older, so i will pose nicely

Loving the cake!

Owl Eyes

Cake on your face makes you do this face

Sweet niece of mine

Cousin Gazing

Maia made a special friend

Several years ago, one of the kids requested an ice cream cake, so I googled it and figured it out.  It's SO easy that even I, the procrastination queen, was able to pull it off for today's party.  Here's what you need to  do:

Easiest Ever Ice Cream Cake

1 box Cake Mix
2 tubs Frosting
1/2 gallon Ice Cream
2 round Cake Pans
1 Cupcake pan
Foil or Saran Wrap
A Dinner Plate
Rubber Spatula

First, go to the grocery store, buy your ingredients, and when you come home, put the ice cream in the refrigerator instead of the freezer.  When it's soft but not completely melted, line one of your cake pans with foil or saran wrap.  Spread the soft ice cream evenly in the pan with a rubber spatula.  Cover with another layer of saran wrap.  Freeze overnight.  Next, bake your cake.   Half the batter goes in your other round cake pan, the rest can fill cupcake cups.  This way, if someone doesn't like ice cream, they still get a treat.  Allow the cake to cool completely.  Then, put the pan in the freezer.  Let it freeze for at least 45 minutes, and put the empty dinner plate in the freezer at the same time, so that it doesn't melt your ice cream later.
Now comes the fast work.  If it's really hot out, you might need to put the cake back in the freezer at times to harden up again.  Open your frosting tubs and get a rubber spatula and a knife.  Take your frozen plate out of the freezer along with your frozen ice cream in the cake pan.  Remove the ice cream from the pan, and take all the saran wrap off.  Put the ice cream upside down on the plate.  Next, take your frozen cake out of the freezer.  Use the knife to loosen it from the pan, then put it on top of the ice cream upside down.  Take your rubber spatula and spread the frosting all over the cake and ice cream.  You will need a lot because there will be a big gap between the cake and ice cream.  To remedy this gap, you could cut the top off the cake to level it before inverting it on the ice cream.  I just like lots of frosting.  Once it's frosted, stick it in the freezer to harden, and pull it out at candle time!  A homemade, fresh ice cream cake,  Yum!

I am an awesome Cars II car lego present


  1. Sounds like it was a perfect Donnelson party!

  2. What a cool Mom you are! Looks like the kids had mega fun!


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