Wednesday, July 13, 2011

If your chin turns yellow, you like butter! And, We have barn swallows!

I realize these aren't buttercups, but cat's ear.  They worked, though!

Apparently I am out of the loop with the most enduring urban legend of the Pacific Northwest.  My brother clued me in on it while we were out walking on the centennial trail.  Apparently, if you stick a buttercup under your chin, and your chin reflects a yellow light, you like butter!  For some odd reason, we weren't able to find buttercups yesterday, but we were able to find some Cat's Ear, which is yellow and looks like a little dandelion.  Danny didn't really reflect yellow too well, so his pic is black and white, but Saraiah did.  Evidently, she likes butter!

Bee collects some nectar
I guess Danny doesn't like butter.  

I had to throw in the shots of the bees checking out the clover too.  We  noticed today that there's a barn swallow nest in our goat barn.  I only had my cell phone camera with me. But here's the nest in all its sweetness.
Momma Swallow

The nest

One floppy necked baby bird, and an unhatched sibling

Aww!! They even used llama hair, goat hair and chicken feathers!


  1. I can't believe I've never said the buttercup thing around you. We always check for butter loving people!!!

  2. We always check for butter loving too!


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