Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Let it Rain!

The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain. --Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Do you like the rain and clouds?  I do not like the rain and clouds.  I do not like them here, or there, I do not like them anywhere.  I do not like the rain and clouds, I do not like them Washington!  This is what I think I've been saying this summer without these precise words.  Having grown up in Hawaii, I feel like I'm made for sunshine.  I fell for a man from the Pacific Northwest, and clouds and rain have, out of necessity begun to grow on me over the past 12 years living here.  

A sparkly lily

blackberry leaf... drip!

Clouds and rain are good because they diffuse the light, and you don't need to squint!  You rarely need sunglasses here, and I hardly water my garden.  When there are sun breaks, people emerge from every crack in the earth to bask in them.  The extreme lack of sunshine makes it insanely more precious to the people of Western Washington than I could ever have imagined as a child growing up near the equator.  There is a season called summer, and usually, it comes somewhat consistently after the 4th of July in Washington.  This year, however we've experienced it in fits and starts and sputters.  We will have 3 days, or maybe 3 hours of sunshine, then maybe 7 days of rain.

fern... drip!

Horsetail... drip!

When the blue of the sky peers through the gaps in the cloud layers, we gasp and point!  When the rays of the sun stream through the clouds, we exclaim about the "God light."  When finally the blanket of cloud clears away, for a day or two, we get to experience the shapes of clouds that happen in fairer weather, and the sunsets are spectacular.  And on the days of blue, when the sky has not a speck of white, you see people in a frenzy of celebration, out biking, mowing, haying, swimming, tubing and smiling.  

Snowberries . . . drip!

A blackberry petal, suspended by a single strand of spider silk

A bee doesn't care about the rain.  He visits the snowberry blossoms.

The poppy is waiting for some sunny days to dry enough to release its abundant seed

the lupine from above, boasting in its fibonacci-ness

So I like the rain, I have decided, in its own way.  In general, I would prefer sun in summer, but when sun is punctuated by periods of rain, I appreciate both more.  After the wild work of the sunshiny days, it is good to have a reason to sit inside and read.  And especially, when it rains, there are raindrops.  This means there are beautiful images to be captured with my camera.  And nature, bathed in this wetness that it does not mind, flaunts itself, allowing each sparkling raindrop to magnify its God-given beauty.  

one of the last poppies, poised sideways, collecting some rain, and calling to the bees

the mint begins to flower

The poppy is having a crazy hair day

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