Thursday, July 14, 2011

Little Firecrackers

She's a grand old flag!
It's been ten days since Independence day!  With all the rain this week, I want to remember that sun did exist this summer in Washington.  In honor of my mom, a 4th of July baby, who as a child was always her dad's "Little Firecracker," I share these photos.  They are my little firecrackers, and I love them.  Some photos of their cousins are included.  They are my niece and nephew firecrackers.  Enjoy our memories of sunny days!   I used my polarized filter, and found out later that those are not meant for skin, so we got an added 1970's look to the whole group of images.  Interesting.

I wear my sunglasses...because there is SUN!

Total adorable preschool portrait look

My cousin is in my reflection, and she is not too happy, but I AM!

HOT! patriotic.

Give me something to wave at!

Remnant of the marshmallow fight earlier that day.

Butterfly on the knee of a princess.

The feet of one of my favorite people, my dear friend Josie.


running away across the road....

their own personal parade...


the answer my friend, is blowin' in the wind

poised to candy-fy himself

fire truck!

fire truck close up

grandpa is reflected in the fire truck

fire truck had a leak

my niece was so festive!

grand marshall, Lyle Forde, retired music teacher

polarized filter makes WEIRD skin looks, but cool.

take me back to the 70's

is that candy i see?

my handsome man

all that matters is this sucker

yep, our parade is a little long

The there an end to the parade?

you are my sunshine

The face of my fellow "so-into-cameras" friend,  Josie.

we love our country, but we are too tired to hold the flags now

Later that evening, S'mores, even with dirty hands.

wearing the day on her face

pretend s'mores

laughing at her silly family

me and my other dear friend.  do not ask me why we are hunched over. maybe we felt too tall.

rise up oh flame!

there's my man again

perfect end to a perfect day!


  1. Nice picture collage. Good job!

  2. Love love love the photos. Beautiful! I really loved what the filter did.

  3. The little firecracker is honored!

  4. good,because i was thinking of you all day!


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