Saturday, July 23, 2011

Moms make everything better. Also, they give your girls cute matching dresses.

Ready... Set........

My gorgeous and beautiful mommy!
 Today was the last day of Vacation Bible School, and we had a little problem to solve right at the end, so I was kind of stressed.  Just then, who walks up, but my mom!  This sounds very normal and mundane, except when your mom lives in Hawaii!  I hadn't seen her since last November, and she came at just the right time.  She has a way of being calm in the midst of any kind of stress, because she doesn't join you in your predicament, she is just there.  Later on that day, the problem was solved, and I could really enjoy the fact that I get my mommy for two whole weeks!
She brought matching dresses for the little girl cousins, so of course I had to do a mini photo shoot.  This is to preempt the inevitable trashing of the respective dresses, and  to document them all at once in their pristine state.  This is also so grandma can add some images to her brag book!

All around the Magnolia Bush.....

My sweet niece.

she should not pick that!

it's the boogey man!

so wave your hands in the air....

 emma, showing how it's done

how does your garden grow?

follow the leader...

lost in a field.

Better than a toe ring.

Hip, Hip Hooray!

She's a tipsy one!


offering of a fern

Fern for me.


I hope you dance!


For Purple Mountain Majesty


  1. Gorgeous! As usual, I love your writing and your photos!


  2. Perfect pictures for a brag book!!!

  3. Those are WONDERFUl! Favorites are "Following the Leader", "She shouldn't pick that" and "the tipsy one"!!!!!


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