Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Candy Store

We went to Jennings Park, which is a nearby park in the middle of a small city.  I love it!  There are ponds streams, hills, and most especially, a master gardener display garden.  This means it's a candy store for making photos of pretty plants.

I love my stolen rose, that WAS found on the ground.  I insist!

I am so beautiful, I do not have a name that Angie knows.

Drain Chain

Nasturtium, I think.

Baby froggy!

Lily pad

Time to climb the playset!

Poppies the size of small plates!

A rose....


Just Hangin' around

The perfect spot to catch a bite to eat

Reminds me of the days in high school when i used to stick plants in the negative slot of the photo enlarger

flowery mossy stuff

a type of daisy or black eyed susan?

a black bumblebee with a yellow butt!

Mmm.  I will eat a fly who is bigger than me for lunch, all because i am invisible in this flower that is yellow.

Obligatory pose for mom moment

Somebody has to go polish the stars....

Hop scotch!

Wrinkle up your little nose.....

Poisonous nightshade.  All over down below.  In the tomato and potato family.  

My brother gets the best daddy award today.

Petal offering

Take the world in as a snail would

sweet niece

Cute as a button!

Soggy building!

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