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Obsession must be essential to living on this planet.  It has shaped every significant action, for evil or good since the very beginning.  What if Eve had never tasted the fruit in the garden?  What if the tower of Babel was never built?  If the Wise Men had never walked across the desert to find Jesus?  If the crowd had never been bent on crucifying Christ?  What if Luther had decided to keep his 95 Theses to himself?  What if Beethoven had submitted to his deafness and never written his Ninth Symphony?  What if Wilberforce stopped fighting for slave freedom?  And what if Lincoln had decided too many people had died, and made  an early truce to end the Civil War?  What if Jerusalem were unimportant?  

And how in the world would people find mates?  If we're made in God's image, we must be made to be obsessed.  After all, he spoke everything into being in seven days.  I think that obsession is what gives us the stamina, drive and will to do what under ordinary circumstances might seem mad.  In the end, it is obsession that compels us, changes us, and alters life as we know it.  It creates beauty and complete darkness.  Just as we look back on the history of humanity to understand how the world has come to its present state, we can also look upon our own lives.  If we are to look back on the obsessions we have ridden through in life, we can begin to create a true portrait of ourselves and how we have come to to be who we are today.  

I am intrigued by the idea of thinking about the things I have been obsessed with on a sort of a time line, and I thought I'd do a short exercise to see a window into who I am.  I think it illustrates how my younger interests blossomed into those of my more mature years.  What sort of a portrait does your time line paint?  


My Timeline of Obsessions

Early Childhood:  

Making crafts entirely from things on hand
Having the perfect "Heart Family" barbie car and family
Barbie and the Rockers
Renegade gardening
Shel Silverstein
New Kids on the Block
Wanting to be the popular girl on "Kids Incorporated"
Making anything from the "Make and Do" book series
Reading every Babysitter's club book possible. 
Playing outside without the apartment security guards finding us
Spelling very well
jellys shoes
The perfect diorama
Any Tiffany or Phil Collins song
Becoming a pianist
Dollhouse miniatures, FIMO
Baggy shirts and stretch pants
Making sculptures with foil.
Crystal Lewis
trying really long term science projects (rusting nails and biodegrading garbage bags)

Upper School Years

Alanis Morisette
visiting Art Museums
Those Chinese shoes you can buy in chinatown
Converse shoes and those cute white tennies you could buy in Germany
Foreign Language Speech Contests
German music (Die Doofen)
Being in plays or musicals (Sound of Music,  The Stolen Prince)
Writing Poetry, journals
Attempting quilt design
Figuring out how to get to wear a bikini
Various Boys:  Jimmy, Keith, Frank, John, and others whose names escape me.
Walking up or down our valley road alone
Creating banners on "BannerMania"
Speaking German
Running around Kapiolani Park
Writing well
Helping people with disabilities
Creating pottery, especially hands
Creating images in the dark room 
Art with pastels, charcoal
Infrared film and manual photography
Genetic Engineering
Hawaiian Sovereignty
Kaethe Kollwitz' art
Maus I, Maus II, Elie Wiesel's "Night"
Gustav Klimt
Emily Dickinson
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Metal art in Jewelry
The Lord's Prayer in different languages
recycling and being generally environmentally conscious

tori amos and sarah mclachlan
Mary Cassatt
Germany and europe in general
getting into college and becoming an occupational therapist
They Might Be Giants
Music from Musicals and Disney movies


Fall Leaves
Ella, Louis, Sarah...anything jazz.
Art History
those pesto bagels, toasted, with butter, parmesan cheese and marinara sauce
cultural events--live music, dance.
Writing poetry, journals and writing in general.
Grande Raspberry Mochas
the Bible
lists of things i loved
hours long philosophical conversations, especially religion related
Unbearable Lightness of Being
Life Drawing
Weird sculptures
Boys: Todd, that guy with the cool tape player that could stop at each track, that guy who was a runner,  that guy who was on prozac and loved to ski, that guy named Brandon I met when on break from the first year of college, then married.

Married and Mommyhood

Paper Making
Card Making
Dinner in the Freezer (freezing dinners for the future)
U Pick Farms
Jazz, swing, big band music
writing "baby dreams,"other poems and writing in general.
writing to record stories for family history, esp. Christmas letters and mommy journal
eating no high fructose corn syrup and eating simply, organic foods
musubi, manapua, and french dip sandwiches. also dark chocolate.
Grande Raspberry Mochas (still)
Dyeing, Natural dyeing
Fiber goats, milk goats
Entering things in fairs 
Owl City songs
photographing kids in the tulips each year
country music
Creating a baby quilt for each of our children
hawaiian music
barefoot running
huarache sandals, earth shoes, born shoes, chacos
home schooling
Latin and Greek Root words
diaper sewing
Long walks
Rachel Carson books, the sea in general
Mother Earth News and Countryside Magazine and self sufficiency in general
Rick Steves
Ruth Stout's No Work Gardening
Breastfeeding and Natural Child Spacing
Infant Potty Learning
Hawaiian history
Lewis and Clark, pacific nw. history

Incans, Mayans, Aztecs
the arctic and antarctic
native plants and wild plants, their uses
Photography up close
child portrait photography
dog training
photo editing and lenses
researching medical conditions (mine or those of loved ones), most recently bursitis and ganglions
homemade anything, esp. laundry detergent and refried beans
mother earth news easy bread 
dave ramsey
running especially in nature and on the dike in Warm Beach
making lists

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  1. I love you! Now I want to make alist!! My favorite ones of yours

    lists of things i loved
    making lists

    I have always loved making lists, I used to, during church list the full names of all the people I knew and loved.

    Love you


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