Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Burritos and Ketchup

I love staycations.  Instead of going somewhere, you get to stay home.  You pitch a tent in your front yard, and it is free!  They are vacations where you don't have to pack a billion things into your car.

Because Fins Belong in a Tent
  If you have to go to the bathroom or if someone gets cranky, you just go inside, and you don't have to load a cooler with ice! There are no questions of "are we there yet?"

Do you think mom's been taking too many photos of this one?
You get to experience your home and your neighborhood in a wonderfully new way, by hearing all the sounds that are muffled by your four walls.

Campsite Entertainment

You go to sleep with the birds and the sun, and wake with them as well.

The campsite

 Yesterday afternoon, my ten year old and I had been talking about camping on the deck.  Somehow that turned into a front yard campout. 

Awkward smile because he's pinching his brother as he poses.

 Here are some of the favorite photos.  I only took about 20 photos altogether, so they are not my top quality, but I don't care.  

In the Tent

I decided that since I have been spending all my time making photos, that I should decide to share just a few each time I take sets of 100 or 200.  It will make me condense my photos and find the ones I really enjoy the most, plus I can share them, which is always my favorite thing to do! Yay!
The next morning

One of the last to wake.  Notice the ever important couch cushion and nerf gun.


  1. I think I'd sleep in my bed, to be honest. Which must be why I drive for 4 hours, usually, to camp. No turning back!

  2. If you had driven, I'll bet you wouldn't have that great fin picture!


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