Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Walkabouts with Grandpa and Other Outdoor Discoveries

Mullein gets visited by an ant

My dad likes to walk. He always has, and I know he always will. It's fun to have him around to walk with, because he likes to walk slow, noticing the little things around him. Today, as we walked the centennial trail, he noticed that there were little pink clover blossoms interspersed among the carpet of white clover. It's obvious I'm my father's daughter. He doesn't mind lingering, but has great persistence to reach his goals.  One thing he has more of than me, however, is patience.  Of course I always have to try to be patient, having 5 children, but there's something special about a grandpa's patience.




Those pretty little yellow flowers that look like dandelions

Big leaf maple floating on air

Red Clover

It's so exciting to our 2 year old, Maia, that her grandpa is here, that she cried inconsolably for a full 20 minutes upon returning from his house. We finally realized she was repeating over and over, "mister rod." My dad's name is Steve, but she had been calling him Mr. Rod (her other grandpa's name) that day, confused that her grandpas could have two names. Once she discovered I understood how she missed her grandpa, and that she would see him the next day, she fell asleep.

Self Heal


Haven't learned the name of this

Walking home from Grandpa and Grandma's house


Picking flowers for grandpa

The best kind of bouquet

Mr Moon

My dad walks the pace our family walks. When we walked the centennial trail today, Saraiah our 5 year old, was enthralled with ferns. She said they looked like lots of fairy wings, and that she needed them while she rode on the front of our jogging stroller. After each set of wings wore out, I'd have to pick new ones. Whenever I stopped, dad was right there with us... when we picked flower, thimbleberries, salmonberries, and even when I stopped to take my silly wildflower photos.  Some of these photos are from this walk and a few are from other places we visited today on our own.

Butterflies today!

I think I could chase them all day.

View of the Stillaguamish River

Bridge over the Stilly

Cute little bug we met on some english daisies

Hello, he says!

Finding just the right fairy wing fern
My dad is patient. We attempted to walk our goats on one of the walks, and they acted like...goats. They dug their feet in, lay on the ground, rolled their eyes. I think they just wanted to go to bed for the night. So we decided that's where they needed to go, and plopped them back in the pasture. All the while, dad just walked around his pond, appreciating the willow tree and whatever else he could find. He waited as I knelt to photograph clover and other wildflowers. I had to race to snap a shot before m Maia stomped on them.  I love my dad, and I'm glad he's here. There's a lot more I can learn from him.
Beautiful Smelling Flowers.  Saraiah said, "I am so glad this tree dropped all these flowers just for us!"

Dinner with the fam

This is how we enjoy our food at Grandpa and Grandma's House!

Admiring the tree
A Kildeer Mama Distracting Us from her Babies

Baby Runs into Bushes

Another type of gall.  This has some sort of insect larvae inside.
And my favorite thing that grosses my dad out:  The Trusty Slug


  1. I feel like I miss your dad now!! I want to come visit too!!!!

  2. you will get to see him at vbs. he is panda gramps!

  3. Awww, sounds like you've got a really cool Dad!


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