Sunday, July 17, 2011

When you're at your wit's end, you get beautiful surprises.

Today, I was weary.  I am getting sick, plus I am tired.  I have been planning a Vacation Bible School for our community over the past week, and between that and caring for my kids, house, husband and blogging, I let some germs sneak in.   Not to mention the fact that I discovered our goats have lice, after having hauled them to a 4H meeting in the presence of other goaties.

The view Isaac gets to see this week.
When you really plan things, there is always something that gives you a surprise.  This is why I am not a great planner in normal life.  I like to not be shocked by surprises, but pleasantly interested instead.  But, I love VBS, I love kids, and I love God, so I guess a little bit of intense planning is worth the inevitable uncertainty that goes hand in hand with it.  The best thing about doing something so unnatural for me is to see how God gets His job done even when I'm a teeny bit close to insanity.  And He even takes the time to give me joy.

These are the gifts of joy I received today:
*My ten year old said he would miss me a LOT at camp this week.  This means a lot from a ten year old boy.
At his bunk

 *My kids and I found teeny little froggies in the grass outside the church, even as I was bemoaning the perpetual wetness of my feet this soggy summer.

*I got to hug my dad.  And I got to tell him how thankful I am that my kids get to have a grandpa in their lives.  And I got to tell him how his job as their loving grandfather is the most important one he could be doing in the world right now.  

*My mom prayed with me over the phone.

*My daughter helped me by encouraging me and being her normal totally organized self, so that we were actually able to pull off everything we needed to for VBS.

*I got to eat my favorite soup ever, tomato soup, just because I needed the soup cans for little offering tins for VBS,

* I milked my goat named Joy, and she did not kick.

*I got to see a sunset filled with hope.  It's been drearily wet here, and that sunset had God-light spilling out of it every which way!

What gifts of joy is God giving you lately?


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