Monday, August 1, 2011

Country Charm Park, Terrace Park and Jasmin Thai


It is August 1st, and it was acting like and thirsty kind of weather.  We tried a trek down to the new Country Charm Park where on Arbor Day we had planted trees.  We found gigantic tractors mowing and collecting silage, and tried to find safe access to the river, but no such luck.  We decided to go to Henry Donuts, a funny little local donut shop that has absolutely delicious and large donuts.  The donuts were toted to Terrace Park, where we had held our Vacation Bible School, and we devoured them.  

It was a strange day broken up by doctor appointments.  We had watched my friend's children that morning, and my 5 year old had to go to the doctor that afternoon to check if the girl figurine she had swallowed had indeed gone through her.  We're maximizing the grandparent time because they leave in 4 days.  After all the appointments, we went to the best Thai restaurant I know, Jasmin Thai in Stanwood.  The food is always more delicious than I remember it to be, they are hugely family friendly, giving glow stick bracelets to our kids, and it's just a peaceful place to be.  

the boys having a blast

a common thread in Maia pictures lately.  Maybe she's over tired?

mom, take a picture! 

monkey bars

the family

On the merry go round.  we slid right off onto my bum!

our pusher


"peer over the edge can you see me...."

perfect light!

10 years and all grown up.

my tree hugger

Amazing Morning Sunrise shot by my fantastic husband

At Jasmin Thai...."the sun will come out..."

secretive menu whisperings

orange water...mmmm

ironically, she got a fake metal ring from the x-ray technician.  let's pray this stays OUTSIDE the body.

best restaurant award.  from me. 

so good at cheesy poses

me and my man

awesomely classic reaction to lime!

glo-stick prizes!

better on the arm than in the mouth....

crazy beautiful


  1. Great sunrise Picture Brandon!! Shows what they mean when they say "find the light!"

    LOVE THE motion pictures! You nailed it. I have never successfully accomplished that, and you made it look so easy!


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