Monday, August 22, 2011

The Dishes are DONE Man, the Dishes are done.

The banner.  We thought about making it go across the garage, so she could break it with the car, but it was too complicated.  Danny did hang blocks from it, however, so that made up for it.

Never in my existence have I seen such a to-do over someone doing the dishes as I did today.  My youngest brother Matt and his girlfriend Chastity are staying at my other brother Danny's house.  Today, Danny had the day off, but Emma had to work.  Everyone came up to my house for the day, but before they left, Chastity noticed the dishes weren't done yet.  Danny said they could leave it for later.  Little did they know that Emma, Danny's wife, would come home on her short lunch break and do them!

 Feeling a little badly, everyone thought it would be a really great idea to praise Emma for her sacrifice and hard work, and this banner was born.  Chastity did the lettering, and the kids did the decorating.  The banner is complete with a traced letter 4 (which I didn't know Maia was capable of), pidgin english, and a drawing by Saraiah of Emma with a pot and pan (far right).  We also decided to decorate the driveway with Leila's sidewalk chalk.  There were drawings leading to the house from far down the street.  When Emma drove up, she gave the perfect reaction.  Thanks well taken.  We love you Emma!

Matt's GQ pose with his crab drawing.  

It is better to actually act like a crab if you drew a crab.  Also, see Danny's heart on the back right?  matt was pestering him and made an X on it, which I then turned into wings.

A line up of blocks stood watch along the route to the sign as well.

A monster by Levi

The sign from this side

Look ma, no hands, and the wind in my hair!

Chalk box

The pretty pout

Showing off the scar on her lip

Danny's yummy homegrown broccoli.

Babies belong on tables.  It is cute.


  1. Gosh Leila is getting so big! I'm a little envious you get to see your niece so much! Mine's too far away!!


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