Sunday, August 21, 2011

Evening on the Farm

One of our lovely hens
 I went out to milk the goat, camera over the shoulder once again.  The more I photograph, the more I want to keep on photographing.  A friend stopped by after a milking session one day and laughed at the camera by my side, "So you really take that everywhere you go?"

Chamomile, ready for harvest.

Sweet hay that I get to smell whenever I milk

More chamomile

Motorized glider overhead

Pickles says hello.


Hawaiian mustard greens.  I am hoping to save the seed.

Poor peppers, I'm not sure this little fruit to be stands a chance.

Fly eyes on the flowering kale.  Bono would be proud.

Slug enjoying a snack of swiss chard.

Red cabbage beauty!

Dill starburst

Ladybug, doing her ever important aphid eating job.

upside down ladybug


All rights to these photos reserved by A. Donnelson.  Thank you.  

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