Monday, August 1, 2011

Five Left Gloves, One Right.

It's obvious that summertime, even without its summery-ness has seized our household.  There is no set schedule, the house is a strange conglomeration life's indoor and outdoor remnants, and I only have one right glove!   There are five left ones, but just one for the poor little neglected right hand.

I love that this was the only thing sitting in the center of the dining room table this morning...the salvation story bracelet.

The black eyed susans are blooming.  It's got to be summer!
 I am not quite sure how this happens, but it is a law at our house.  It goes for gloves, shoes, and toddler sized underwear.  You will probably find one, but it's a full fledged man hunt to find more than that number.   During the school year, we have the routine of school and outside activities, and we're mainly indoors.  In the summer, the line blurs, and I don't know where exactly I should be.  There are dishes to be done, speckled sinks and gritty toilets, but it's outside I want to be.  This battle is not waged for very long in my mind, because most of the time, the outdoors wins.  I do what needs to be done in order to feed the herd, wash enough dishes and clothes, make a few lists, then head outdoors.

Our friends have some amazing dahlias. 

just waking  
my favorite beetle guy who is everywhere.

Color in all the right places

this is a very happy ball

most gigantic lily of the day award.  the stamens were the only part i could really get a good image of!

It rained again today, so everything was glistening.  There were tiny baby grasshoppers to be caught in the grass at church.  At home, there was a goat to be milked, raspberries to be weeded, and of course tasted, and then a llama to be walked.  My daughter is getting a loaner llama from some friends to show at the fair.  The llama contingent was looking a little meager, so she and some fellow 4H girls decided to represent.  Our own llama is a female, and a little too guard-llama-esque, so it is Sampson, borrowed llama, who gets to go to fair.  He is adorable, a little long in the tooth, and very fluffy.  Sorry, no photos of him yet.

when it's too cold to swim, make an orca parade!

just one yellow marigold amidst many showy poppies.  i guess that made it more beautiful.

I love that you can see the weather fronts here.

Once we were done adoring Sampson and his very friendly goat girls, it was time for a family barbeque, and then a walk with a goat.  The sun set beautifully, just as it should, the goat acted stubborn and frustrating, and we had some laughs with family.  Perfect day.  Even if I have just one right glove.  

Putting Boogie to bed for the night

'rev 'em up!

I do NOT want to walk. 

grandma, see the birdies!

barn swallows


so good at posing....

remnants of a day of dress up...

crazy 3 legged Koa, faster than a speeding bullet!

Good night!


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