Monday, August 8, 2011

"Hairy" Potter and the Goblin of Fleece and other Dressed up Animals

Today was the last day of fair.  Round Robin,  a grand champion show featuring the top exhibitors from each animal category, was today.  The fiber goat representative was the most cheered of all the contestants, I think, having fans following him from one showing station to the next with cheery posters!  Once all that seriousness was done, it was time for a costume contest.  The kids were to dress up to match their animals. From giant cows to tiny guinea pigs, almost every type of animal at the fair was represented.  

Red Robin Finalists:  The best of the best.

always pushing the rules...

One member of our 4H club shows chickens.  this is one of the eggs her chicken laid at fair.

Taekwondo Goat

Hairy Potter.

The prom date.

World traveler, dude.

Blazing star.

Prom King

Why use a goat stand or a leash?

Doublemint twins with twin goats.

Paris Hilton and her Puppy

Princess Fiona

Harry Potter

marriage is what brings us together today.

Chicken with identity issues.

criminal pig

zumba pig

Eva walks Natasha for the first time.  She was emboldened by showing the borrowed llama at the fair.


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