Thursday, August 18, 2011

How God's Garden Grows

Wild Sweet Pea

Even when we get distracted by life, responsibilities, or frivolities, nature is still there, moving forward in the relentless pursuit of its destiny.  In my garden, I can choose to pull weeds out of the way, or let veggies fight their way to the top.  

No matter what, all those plants are doing everything they can to perpetuate themselves.  They all want to reproduce, to leave small bits of themselves behind before they leave, little living things, wrapped up and waiting until it is their turn to continue the race toward eternity. This is the beauty of flowers.  It is the plant's shameless way of proclaiming her need to continue in some form, advertising her beauty and wonder above all others.  

To me, it is beautiful, though, that these flowers, in their advertising, attract pollinators specifically suited to their needs.  I always seem to see the same adorable little red beetles on the english daisies, chamomile larger daisies.  The ladybugs love the thistles, as do other beetles.   The grass and corn, ubiquitous as they are, can't be too bothered with attracting anyone in particular, and so they throw their pollen to the wind, knowing that a bit of silk somewhere will grab hold of it.  

This noisy riot of life outdoors just mirrors the way our lives unfold.  Sometimes we fight through life the hard way, barely glimpsing blue sky above, and other times, we remember that we should rest awhile, and allow our Creator to nourish us and prepare the way ahead. 

It's a weighty job we're given in youth, the deciding of what sort of person we are, and then the momentous decision for a mate.  I'm thankful there are as many kinds of suitors as there are pollinators, and that, when it's time to choose, or not to choose, there is always a way for us to leave that tiny seed of ourselves.  It can be in a child, a spouse, or just a friend.  

We can share the hope we have, and that hope is carefully preserved, because Hope does not disappoint us.  We move forward, knowing there is a unique design for each of our lives, all intended to point to the great Designer.

A riot of color from our garden, brought indoors.

Bee Face!

wasp pollinator?

spider waiting for an afternoon snack

Spider silk on a gladiola

Basil Harvest

Detail of my bouquet


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