Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hungry for Fun at the Goat Girl Drive-In

fiber filled foods,  ;)

It was haul out day for 4H and FFA kids today at the fair.  The last day is fun, because the kids have a costume contest and dress up themselves and their goats according to a theme.  Many of the kids went with the fair theme, which was "Hungry for Fun."  The fair poster shows a bunch of people from the 50's riding in a convertible having a grand time.  There are fast food items on a billboard proclaiming, "Hungry for fun?  Let's all go to the fair!"  Eva decided to be a girl from a 1950's drive in.  We thought her goat could be her poodle, but cutting his hair didn't quite fit into the schedule.  He instead got to carry her tray of goodies, which consisted of two italian sodas and a popcorn, all made of goat hair.  It was very adorable, and she won the prize for the best fair themed costume.  It was a busy and long week, and I have missed her, though I've seen her every few days.  It will be good to just be at home for a week, all of us together enjoying the twilight of summer before we launch into the new school year.  

Our 4H club's take on the fair theme.  Goats driving, fiber flying out of popcorn containers in the back of a convertible. I love goat people. 

Such a helpful goat.

Emma crocheted these tiny adorable hats.  They just fit my needle felted koa dog, depicted below.

Various crafts.  Eva's bobbin of yarn she spun at the fair, my crocheted owl, hand spun pygora skein, and needle felted koa dog.  

The following photos were taken with my cell phone.  I couldn't resist.  I think the best photo ops are at haul out time.  If I ever get the chance to not help at haul out time,  I will be taking picture, I am sure. 

 4 photos I didn't take are etched in my mind: 

1) twin girls dressed in matching clothes riding on top of straw in a wheelbarrow.
2) one of the twins standing holding a rosette ribbon with a frenzy of work and wheelbarrows around them, and 
3) four guys walking side by side, wielding leaf blowers, looking flame throwers or bazookas from some action movie.  
4) one of the sheep 4H kids standing casually on the hub of their trailer, waiting for the animals to be loaded 

leaf blower army cleaning out the pygmy goat barn

the rest of the fair, which I never visited.

The arena where the kids showed, and the barn to the right where they spent most of the week

our rainbow of fleece forever needed to be fixed.

This is what I did all day the two days I was helping at the fair...spin!  But I spun on my wheel!  

One of the displays


All clean!


  1. Eva looks so cute with her goats! My favorite picture is the one with the caption "the rest of the fair, which I never visited". You really captured the energy of the fair in that photo!

  2. I LOVE the fair at night pics...You should get some of the rides next year.

  3. The popcorn and Italian sodas look very appetizing, and I love that the poodle skirt is still around. It looks like it fits her perfectly!


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