Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Iverson Beach: free and fun on Camano Island

On the path to the beach
 I can't believe that in 12 years of living within driving distance of Camano Island, I have never been to Iverson beach.  It is a beautiful sandy beach out on a spit on East Camano Island, overlooking the sound, Stanwood, Warm Beach and the Cascade mountains.  There are large logs, good for making forts or impromptu kayaks.  The water is shallow and warm, it is quiet, and best of all, it is free.  With the price of park visits seeming to rise every year, it's nice to have a free place to go. Although we live near Puget Sound, finding an affordable way to access it is very difficult.  If you live nearby, and have never been to Iverson beach, you've got to go!


making piles of seaweed is fun

interesting beach insect 

piling the seaweed

though it's sandy, there are still rocks to toss!

shallow water!

Stanwood in the background

a visitor

My brothers working hard to build us a fort. 
stop taking pictures! 

homemade kayak


In the fort
our spot

Belly button!
Inside the fort

the lovely chastity and her faithful umbrella.  well, someone's faithful umbrella.


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