Friday, August 19, 2011

Our New Babies


I think if it were left up to me to decide, we may have ended up with twelve children.  My husband, however, in his great wisdom, saw all the work I do, and thought we should be done at five, and so we are.    I can't shake the feeling, though, that I should be pregnant again, since our youngest is nearly three.  So instead of adding babies, we are adding livestock.  The newest additions are named Pickles and Marnie, and were given to us by a man who judged the Alpaca show at our local fair a few years ago.  The kids are excited to show animals who aren't, quite literally, stubborn goats.  These alpacas were on the show circuit a few years ago, when breeding exotic animals was the latest way to make a load of money.  They are halter trained, but a little freaked out at their new home and particularly, our three legged Koa dog.  They are sweet and inquisitive, and I am dreaming of the fiber after their first shearing.  It will be lovely yarn, I know!


Natasha the Llama, not sure what to think!

Cinnamon is also indifferent

 Delicious snacks for the goaties and camelids this winter, I think.

We got hay for $4.50 a bale today!

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  1. They are so cute! I love that you would have 12 children if it was up to you but, you make up for that with animals. That totally makes me smile.


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