Friday, August 26, 2011

Photography on the Sly

Flowers at grandma's when I picked up the little ones after fair.

 I guess I've been feeling a little guilty for being "so into cameras" lately.  When we were at Iverson beach, my brother, in jest, (but partially serious), said "stop taking pictures and participate!"  I guess because I see so much that would look beautiful in that little rectangular window, I can't stop myself very well.  I find myself walking around when I don't have my camera, framing things, stopping motion, or blurring it.  I drove by a horse corral at dusk, and saw the dust clouds around the feet of the horses as they ran around, and thought about what a beautiful image that would make.  It's just how I get when I'm interested in something.  When I was interested in felting and spinning, I was thinking of all the things i could create with felt, and all the weird substances I could spin.  My husband, after hearing about me spinning silk, wondered if I could spin spider webs, if I collected enough. I wonder?  Anyway, no time for that.  here are a few photos I caught "on the sly" over the past few days.  I've been sleep deprived prepping animals for fair, helping at the fair, and all of that.  Most of my photos get deleted because I have actually taken them without checking exposure, and sometimes don't even look through the viewfinder, I am that "on the sly."   Tomorrow is show day, and I have a feeling I'll be taking "real" pictures again.

basket picture "on the sly" at the fair.

look at #8 of the parking pass for the fair.  they need a proof reader.

photo on the sly while running to grandma vi's

cousins at the park

josie obliged me for a photo

famous sign

prehistoric dinosaur sized cow at fair

hog weed at fair.  must be 11 feet tall.

my brothers and i pose by the Japanese Knotweed noxious weed display.  we are so strange.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of the Merry-go-round where Levi is in focus but everybody else is blurred motion!!! LOVE IT!!!

    (And you are weird...I'm so glad!!!)

  2. I didn't realize you guys were holding the giant weed!


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