Monday, August 8, 2011

Rides, Lights and Llamas

The gravitron
On Friday, our oldest boy was desperate to get a ride bracelet, giving him free rein of the carnival rides at the fair.  It happened that his favorite buddies were doing the same, and he wanted to join them.  He also did not have one cent to his name.  My husband, feeling ever so clever, said that he'd pay for his pass if Isaac agreed not to use the computer for an entire month.  The computer is to Isaac what it is to his computer programmer  So i was very impressed when he said he'd do it.  He enjoyed time with his friends, and for what's left of summer, I don't have to monitor computer time!

Levi, our youngest son, was of course showing goats that day.  He was therefore also filled with tragedy when he discovered that everyone in the entire universe was riding rides that day.  Thankfully, there was another day, and indeed other people riding as well.  He used the birthday and odd jobs money he'd been saving to buy a ride bracelet.  I'm sure he got his money's worth, because he used rides like merry go rounds...even when they weren't.  He rode them, got off and got on again and repeated until I felt a little dizzy from watching.

So my photos from Saturday at the fair are primarily carnival rides, because this has been what has lived large in my youngest son's imagination since last year this time.  I think it fulfilled his expectations, because all I could see was bliss.  There are also some photos of the llama show.  Our daughter showed llamas for the first time, and even did an obstacle course with Mr. Samson, her borrowed llama.

Galaxy, aka gravitron.

I'm flying!

Had to be weird and wear socks to protect my poor goat-injured foot.  Our heaviest goat had stepped on it while we were getting her ready for fair.  

Adorable Hajah!

This is what the ferris wheel stands on.  

This is what makes the ferris wheel go

This is Samson, the llama, randomly.

Cool graphicness of ferris wheel.  You can tell I had to wait a LONG time for the kids. 

Hydraulics on the ferris wheel.

Is this a flower?

go fish

yes, he paid $3 of his own money for a game, so he could win this.

Gideon Bible hanging around.


Samson is ready.

Fluffy llama pony tail.

easily amused


Hen and Chicks

My feet on the right!  I ran into a friend.  She insisted I go on a ride, and even gave me tickets and took pictures.

Oh Mr. Moon...


Ferris wheel watching


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