Sunday, August 28, 2011

Show that goat!

Say " Feta Cheese!"

I have to say, our 4H group is the perfect one for us.  Our leaders are tireless and caring, but firm and direct.  They don't freak out if we do something wrong, but help us when we forgot to sign up for fair before the deadline.  The kids in the group are the most caring I've been around.  If someone is teary, pretty soon another is there, giving a hug.  

Showing animals is so emotional, and sometimes it's hard for me to understand what keeps these kids coming back for more.  One fair, you're the grand champion, the next fair you come in last.  There is a certain amount of skill in handling the animal that the kids have to have, and a large amount of knowledge, and beyond that, it's all up to the judge.  It reminds me of school.  When I was taking some art classes at the University of Hawaii, I couldn't figure out why one teacher loved my work, and the other didn't,  and I finally realized that even in school, grading is still somewhat subjective to taste.  

The same goes for goat showing, I've learned.  One judge will say our goat has an overbite, and the next will award it grand champion!  Maybe there's some more consistency in higher levels of animal showing, or more competitive arenas, but I think I like it this way.  Although it's emotional, and after showtime, there are inevitably tears in the eyes of a few, there's always the chance for the next fair.  The kids are encouraged to think about how to improve their showmanship, in the end knowing, once they've done their best, it's up to the judge, and next time, they might be the one with the biggest ribbon.  That must be what keeps this tight knit group of friends willing to compete against one another: the knowledge that each of them is very skilled at what they do, and likely each of them will have a turn in the limelight, and the applause of their friends.  

Our goats are loving their spacious pen and yummy hay at fair

Demonstrating fiber carding to the public

ready to show!


Wowing me and the judge with her wonderful bright demeanor during showing.

thinking on a question

chatting with the judge

the gate keeper

bottle eyes on a bored brother


Dad of the year award~

fitting and showing champion for eva!  wow!

Eva's friend showing her ribbon

the lady-like way to eat fries
play time!

see no evil?

beautiful light

rain maker

Final Curtain

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