Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Stanwood Fair 2011--Your Ticket to Adventure!

The Stanwood-Camano Fair is one of my most favorite fairs ever.  It's small enough to feel like home, but big enough that 4H kids get some competition when they show.  The following are my most favorite photos from the first day of the fair.  It lasts just three days, but they are action packed and there's always something fun to do.  Friday was pig and fiber goat showing day, so these are some photos from those events, as well as a donut eating contest, and of course the exhibits my ever talented kiddos entered indoors.  

Our goaties, right at home.  

pigs really do have curly tails, albeit a little scabby and definitely smelly.

glasses for free!

Saraiah's first place peas!

Maybe the egyptians were actually worried, because there were eyes watching them from the tops of their pyramids.  This is Levi's first place creation.

The very serious first place photographer of this tulip.

Sample bubble gun

all american boy

blowing bubbles

A little ill after the donut eating contest

maia got the leftovers.

Good 'ole samson

my mom, dad and niece

my price winning small onions!


llama toothies!

Coal gets a pedicure before showing.

my natural dye poster

Eva's best friend

The Cheering Crew

If you will remember, pigs were shown here before the pristinely good smelling fiber goats.

Dolce (the goat) and Emma have fancy shoes for showing.  Actually, dolce's will come off just before going in the ring.  

Yep, I'm a champion.

How danny was able to work all day from before dawn and still go to a fair.

It is very amusing to show goats. 

Cars 2 and Star Wars Meet.  By levi.

Eva's tulips.

Eva's horse.

Eva's amigurumi.

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