Monday, August 1, 2011

There was a little girl....

Waiting for the verdict from the doctor 

I think I've taken the kids to the doctor "to be on the safe side" more often than to actually fix something that is wrong.  Sometimes, it's been worth it, like when we found out that the entire family had strep throat, or when we all had campylobacter food poisoning while on vacation in Hawaii.  Doctor's visits are my most unfavorite thing, because of the cost, the waiting, and also because they make me feel really unintelligent.  I either feel really silly checking on something that's nothing to worry about, or feel sheepish that I didn't even consider something else, not to mention the guilt I'm sometimes given for spreading out my kids' vaccinations over longer periods of time.

I need a pic at the doctor's office too...

A week ago, my 5 year old was crying and getting a little hysterical in the bathroom.  This isn't totally uncommon for her, so I ignored it while I checked on a bleeding lip the 2 year old had just acquired.  When she started saying, "I swallowed a girl!!!" I got a little worried.  Having just completed a first aid course, in which calming down the victim is the entire focus of the training, I told her she would be ok, and to tell me what happened.  She whimpered, and said she had been crying because she couldn't play with the big girls.  She was looking at a tiny metal toy girl, it fell in her mouth, and she promptly swallowed it.  I asked if it hurt, and she said that it was hurting in a circle around her throat.  Hmmm.  It sounded like the little girl was wedged in my little girl's throat!

My little niece with her stitches under her lip...

My niece had just that day taken a tumble that earned her six stitches, and I couldn't believe someone else was having a minor tragedy.  Concerned that the throat could swell around the little figurine, I took Saraiah in to the ER.  Also, considering that I had never seen the figurine, and didn't know its size, where it came from or whether it was actually made with lead as many cheap toys are, I thought it might be good to have someone professional take a look.  It takes forever to get admitted, and while we waited, Saraiah declared she was thirsty.  I gave her some water, and alas, she said the girl had slipped down her throat.  Why didn't I think of this earlier?  Well, we were already there, so we waited for the X-Ray, and sure enough, there was the little girl, standing happily in the upper part of my little girl's stomach.  I was very glad I hadn't sung all the verses of "There was an old lady who swallowed a fly..." as we were heading in to the ER, since they end with "perhaps she'll die..." Thankfully, my little girl got to see her little girl on the X-Ray image, then made a pact with the technician to never swallow any more figurines, and we headed home.  I was put on poop patrol, but unfortunately missed one.

Saraiah kept complaining of a sore tummy throughout the following week, and was patting her lower abdomen, so I wondered if the girl had become wedged somewhere.  Again, we made the trek to the doctor, waited for an eternity in the waiting room, were sent to the hospital, did the X-ray, and behold, the girl had been pooped out!  Hooray.  Thus ends the latest chapter in our doctor visits saga.  And the little girl figurine has a new home in the septic tank of my parents' house.  I like it that way.

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