Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Van Went Over the Mountain...

After some mishaps with my iphoto library, I've finally been able to look at the photos of our family trip over the mountains to the Leavenworth KOA.  I love that it is spelled the same as my dog's name, and has nothing to do either him or the Hawaiian tree of the same name.  Actually, I have no clue why KOA campgrounds are so called, I just know that they are super fun and super packed!  I think everyone from Western Washington was at that campground that weekend.  I am sure it is because the sun had decided to camp out on the East side of the Cascades, with only a few rare appearances this summer on the West side.  All of our Western skin was dying for some vitamin D, and so we made the pilgrimage.

The campground was great.  We had treeside entertainment, with squirrels, bluejays and other birds hopping and scurrying around.  There was beautifully hot water in the showers, the pool was busy, the view of the river was memorable, and the moon shone bright at night.  I loved it.  I think the kids did too.  We brought along bikes, balls, swimsuits and extra family members, what more could you ask for?  I think we'd go to this campground again, though I am sure we'd avoid the weekend next time.  Vitamin D is an important thing!

Best way to get shots of the scenery.


wild rose

Playing with the Lantern

A wrinkly moon.  caused by a pine branch silhouette...


Maia in the middle

hard at work, even on vacation

our campsite

campsite entertainment

Necessities of camping

Big Pinecone!

Grandma and Grandpa's truck

Koa would get an ego boost here.
I think we better start singing....

This is beautiful.

Love the audience on the right.

Total relaxation.

learning from her big sis

Grandpa is relaxing

100% Saraiah

cutest couple award

The rock actually had these striations.  X marks the spot!

back to camp

he was a little intimidating, to say the least.

cousins off to play some b-ball

what else do you do when you find a boulder in the middle of a field?

beautiful morning river.  

For me.

maybe squirrels are ticklish...

again with the intimidating...

from my childhood...pine needle rings

present for mommy

this was hanging in the cabin
 my in-laws had.  we needed this reminder several times
 throughout the weekend.

Playing with her shadow

the boulder


my manly man

Fairy tea

This is what playing with flowers all afternoon will do to you.  Not shabby.

rode through the field to Safeway with mom

Add caption

A little cell phone internet time...

campsite teardown

crowded ride home!  some of the family left early, so we couldn't cram stuff in their truck!

Not sure what's up with the small heads and manly faces on these leavenworth German women, but i like them.

Goodnight Moon!


  1. I think I saw you guys rolling back into town! Looks like an awesome time!

  2. That looked like lots of fun. We need to camp together one of these days. I think it is one of the only things we have never done together!


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