Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Yoga Photos with Expressive Fit

My friend, Dawn Lee of Expressive Fit in Stanwood has a dazzling smile.  Her personality and inner peace and confidence help that smile to have its extra special sparkle.  A friend of mine has been very busy in her photography business, and didn't have time to fit a photo shoot with Dawn in, so I got to do it!  Dawn is a triathlete who is currently training to run a marathon in September.  She holds yoga workshops locally, focusing on toning for the triathlete.  She also works with children, and has a gift of drawing them in and making yoga fun and exciting.    These are my favorite shots.


  1. OMG- these are so wonderful- I so felt their presence just looking at them- I can not wait to get them up on my sisters' web site

  2. These are Wonderful!! ALL of my favorites too!

  3. Very impressed Gerald and greatgrandmother Pritchard


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