Saturday, September 3, 2011

525,600 Minutes

The annual skein sits happily plied on my bobbin
Today, my Levi asked me how many minutes were in a day.  I wasn't having the brain power for mental math, so I decided to impress him away from my lack of knowledge, and started singing that song from "Rent."  "....525,600 minutes, how do you measure, measure a year?"  He's a musical and mathematical kid, so that got him pretty distracted.  You could see him think as he wandered to bed.  

Then I started to think about the things that happen in a year.  It took me a year to finally finish spinning this silk on my wheel.  I average about one skein of yarn a year, with my crazy distracted life.  I rather like how it turned out.  It was worth the wait, I think.  The yellow color comes from nettles, and the grey from red cabbage.  Over this past year, we celebrated 7 birthdays in our immediate family.  We sold three animals and acquired three new ones.  Maia was officially potty trained, and our eldest became a vegetarian.  Lots of interesting milestones happened that I will recount later in my Christmas letter, I'm sure.

But the things that really are memorable seem to happen in minutes or even seconds.  They are the snapshots of our lives, the ones that we miss if we don't watch for them.  There is the unrestrained giggling of toddler cousins, just glad to be together, and the moment when I really realized my brothers and I are all actually grown ups.  There is the daily litany of the good-night tuck in prayer, and the drawing made just for me by 5 year old hands with sidewalk chalk outside.  There is the bouquet of wildflowers, and the joyful insistence of little ones, ordering me to "get your camera because there's a REALLY cool bee outside!"  

There is the walking arm in arm with my daughter who's nearly as tall as me, and the magnet-hugging my ten year old boy.  There are the big green, blue and brown eyes that look deep into mine, ever working to change my mind, and there is the strong and gentle hug of the man I love, just reminding me each day that he is there with me.  Those are the things that make my year.  There are many forgettable minutes that I'd rather leave that way: more than enough sad and tense  and angry moments.  It is the memorable minutes, however,  that make those hardest of moments worth pushing through, because you know more of them await you...some time soon. 

As you can see at the top of the skein, someone turned off the light in the living room, and i kept on spinning because I was nearly done, darn it! It looks a little goofy, but that's ok.

Only Levi would get a free motorcycle helmet at a garage sale and use it as a bike helmet. 

Portrait of our house as seen reflected in a helmet.

This sedum was alive with bees and little flying ant-type things.  The girls pulled me outside to see it.

I exclaimed over my first ripening Roma tomato on the plant, and of course Maia picked it for me.

Poor Dahlia.  It was not so productive this year.  I think it kept having baby blossoms plucked by small hands.

The post of our gate.  Sometimes I forget that wood used to be a tree.

Mom and dad's Walden

Our crazy animals, greeting us as we walk home from my in-laws.

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