Friday, September 16, 2011

American Airlines is allergic to humanitarians

My brother is leaving on a humanitarian trip to Haiti today.  His group consists of 2 skilled construction men and 4 female nurses.  They will be adding on to an orphanage and conducting medical clinics, possibly in the center of a tent city there.  They are each allowed two bags, with a third bag costing $150. My brother called American Airlines, the airline they are traveling with, to see if they might be able to get a discount on the fee for that third bag because they are a humanitarian group.  Several times, he was told he was being transferred to someone else, and then heard the dial tone.  Another time, he called, explaining his situation, and as soon as he uttered the word "humanitarian" they hung up.  Not one to give up, he called the American Airlines national headquarters, and after wading through many automated menus, came up with one that led him to a website to apply for charitable donations.  Once he got to that site, he found that he would have had to apply 8 weeks before his trip.  The thing that frustrated him most was that none of the American Airlines employees he spoke with even mentioned the possibility of this application process.  In the end, the 6 people heading out on the trip agreed to split the cost of the extra bag.  Way to go, American Airlines.   Do you remember when we bailed you out?   The people of Haiti are a lot worse off than you.

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