Wednesday, September 7, 2011

And there was Evening, and there was Morning...

We've slept in our tent the past three nights, and it's very obviously progressing into fall.  As the night wears on, the dew gathers heavily on everything, dripping on us in our slightly broken tent, wetting our feet as we run in to the bathroom.   It's cold at night.  I think i had 5 layers on, and the girls and I slept beneath almost the same amount of blankets!  But it's a very sweet way to experience the change of seasons.  Instead of walking outside to experience the morning, we are walking from the tent and then inside, experiencing the early morning things we normally miss, like foggy mist in the front yard and dew on everything.  The stars have been brilliant and colorful, and the sunsets have been so soothing.  The mornings have been spectacular, with all the fog for the sun to show off in.  This part of the year is very nearly my favorite, with the new flowers of spring vying for first place.

cinnamon, queen of her domain

goodnight pickles and marnie

the farm

yucca and morning sun.

lamb's ear

black eyed susans

one of the few remaining dandelions

my breakfast

good morning!


lupine has already released its seed.

enjoying a little picnic

yellow onions...from seed!
Harbinger of fall
one eye on me, even as she's walking away....


  1. All your pictures are beautiful! The Yucca and morning sun picture (with the long gravel road) are my favorites. Those are something that I'd hang on my wall!

  2. Spectacular photos, missy!

  3. Those Yucca photos are incredible! Great job!!


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