Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Back to school insect adventure

It's time to catch up on my blog posts since we started school last week and have taken this week to work on food preservation for winter.  Our first day back at the co-op school the kids go to was last Monday, but it was on Wednesday of that week that the real adventures happen.  Just as our first day of homeschool was picturesque and meaningful, so was the first day of the co-op.  The second day was more interesting.  Everything was going fine, until I took Saraiah to her first ever Kindergarten Experience class, where they get to do all those "Everything I ever needed to know in life, I learned in Kindergarten" type things.  It was adorable.  I got a lot of really cute pictures, and then I noticed the tangles.  Saraiah's hair was a mess of tangles right in the back.  This is not uncommon, until I noticed that every few seconds, she itched the same spot in earnest.  I had to check.  Not 3 seconds into checking, I found an insect.  I quickly and quietly explained to Saraiah that we needed to go, and excused us, then explained that lice are very good at being shared.

We sat in the car, and I called a friend to warn her, and to also lament the infestation.  "Did you look at it closely, she asked?  It might be a flea.  It's a bad flea year."  Skeptical, and believing myself to be doomed to the Lice Meister, tea tree oil, and 39 loads of laundry, I looked anyway.  There is was.  One lonely flea attached to my daughter's head!  EW!  But, also AHHHH!  I did not have to quarantine her but only needed to be sure our dog was treated.  To be certain, I showed the now dead flea to 6 moms, including the kindergarten teacher, and got confirmation that it was NOT a louse.  Thank goodness!  Happy and slightly confused, Saraiah went back to class.

To finish out the day, Maia decided to take perfect bites from the side of a yellow and a red crayon during the church service.  It was very strange, and she did not like being apprehended from it, but most of all, I wish I had taken a picture of those perfect crescent bites out of the sides that did not even break the crayons.  Here, however, are a few of my favorite photos of those first few days of co-op. 

in the car

A fairy meal

got the wrong shoes on

Storytime yoga class

Knights and castles class

Kindergarten class

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