Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Der Apfel faellt nicht weit vom Stamm

 I am floored by the way my daughter has been able to capture photos with my camera. My friend Jill and I are teaching a beginning photography class for kids together, and Eva is in it.  After learning a few simple photography we taught in class, and a little bit of simple editing techniques, she became obsessed kind of like I am.  The title of this post is a German saying, meaning, "The apple doesn't fall far from the stem/branch."  The meaning intended when use is that a child doesn't differ too much from her parent.  In this case, it's pretty true.  Except I think her apple tree will be uniquely hers, and maybe even more beautiful.  Look at these beautiful images.


  1. Are you sure you didn't take these?

  2. nope, just eva with my camera on Auto setting. I think she's been watching


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