Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Maia the Papaya

I used to do a photo shoot exactly on my kids' birthdays when I had fewer of them.  Now I am glad to have the pictures done in time for Christmas presents.  Because fall is taunting me with all of its responsibility and busy-ness, I thought I should start on portraits.  Maia is the baby who looks most like me.  As I was editing the photos, I could finally understand why people have been telling me this.  Her wispy blond hair and crinkly blue eyes make me feel like I'm a kid again, glancing at my reflection in the car window.  Then, I'm snapped back to the present when I notice the shape of her lips and the twinkle in her eye.  Those come from her daddy.   When she was first born, I called her Maia the Papaya, sitting in a Papaya tree.  I think she'll always be my little papaya.  I love how photographs only enhance my love for my children.  I'm looking forward to the new things I notice as I get to take each child's pictures this year.  Here are some of my favorite Maia Jo pictures.

miss mischief

posed preschool portrait look


Pickles actually decided to lay down and let us play with her!

Confused because there is a goat stampede coming

skittish goat is being friendly

Maybe she should have been named Heidi.


  1. LOVE THOSE!!!! Love the many looks of Maia. How will you choose one??? You'll have to do a 10 photo collage!

  2. Love the pictures! I can't believe how grown up she looks!!! Patty H

  3. The smiling with goats one is my favorite!!

  4. She does look so much like you, and I totally agree, Daddy's lips and twinkling eyes!


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