Thursday, September 1, 2011

Momma's baby child has a brand new tricycle!

The repaired tricycle

While on vacation, we watched a silly Disney show, and the mother was acting over dramatic.  It was her youngest child's birthday, and she had given her a trike. She said "Momma's baby child has a brand new tricycle!"  Oddly enough, that's where I got the idea for Maia's third birthday present.  Unfortunately, about 10 minutes after we gave it to her, her sister clipped off the streamers that are installed on the handles!  Her brother was sweet enough to try to tape the streamers back on, and Maia loved him for it.  The trike has been officially initiated into our household.  Yesterday, we had her party with her friends.  It was a good time.

Party decorations

Party gear

Science curriculum came in the mail

It was a dress up party, so we made wands

sparklies for the wands

Saraiah's wand.

peaches all for  me???

cleaned my fridge for this

ready to face the world

17 Kids total, I think.  I guess maia has a lot of friends!

Bouquet for mommy

Chamomile loveliness

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